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I'm sure the Baptist preachers are getting a lot of mileage out of all this, but I've heard that the heat and drought may be the new "normal".....brought on by man's desire to trash the planet that supports him.

Burning up through our natural resources is OK, because the Second Coming is imminent. That's why Reagan's Secretary of the Interior the "rape the national forests" trend. Wouldn't be a pisser though if we indeed run out of natural resources prior to the second coming?

I normally only drink wine in Church on Sunday.

I guess we had better start throwing virgins in the volcano.


Let's throw republicans instead. There's many more of them.

I'm not even sure that Isaac is all that bad.  I know it's a disaster, but nothing like the category 4 that Katrina was.  Doesn't Louisiana get small hurricanes pretty frequently?

They are well below sea level and sense they are in the tornado alley they have tornados. Not that many hurricanes.
Now a dam up north is failing, 50,000 people being evacuated.
Someone needs to say a prayer for these people or cast a spell or something.

I spent last Sat. night in the hospital. But Isaac stole all the headlines. I didn't even make the margin.

Everything seems pretty normal to me.

Hoping you are doing better Robbie!!!!!!!

Sorry to hear that you've been ill.  Welcome back.

Well, isn't this just the "happy" place!

All I can say is shit happens....deal with it.   :-)




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