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Headline: Tenn. frat house alcohol enema case worries experts

Students at The University of Tennessee have been endangering their lives by giving themselves wine enemas in order to achieve drunken states more quickly.  One student was hospitalized with a near lethal blood alcohol ratio.  The school has revoked the charter of the Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity where the incident occurred.

As far as I can remember, college students, especially those involved in clubs or groups where the peer pressure is great, have always indulged in questionable behavior.  As far as I know alcohol enemas are not illegal and the danger they posed was exclusively to themselves.  People get alcohol poisoning from over indulging orally all the time, but I'm not sure that fraternities have been banned for that. 

Do you think that the University responded appropriately by closing the frat house, or should kids be allowed to be kids and indulge in legal albeit 'stupid' behavior if they choose?


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Did a lot of stupid stuff in my life, butt chugging isn't one of them.

Now the government will have to assign a blue ribbon committee to investigate and spend millions.

Like you are going to be able to stop binge drinking in college.


I may have done it.  I don't remember.

I suspect you wouldn't.

What is this world coming to....*sheesh*?




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