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I think each of you know that I went and saw a grief counselor. I got so much out of the first session but not sure how much I got out of the second one. Is it because I wasn't at the low point like the week before? I'm trying to decide if I go again or just wait?

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Keep going. It appears that you get more on the first visit and the second seems to be less worthwhile. However, the sessions are making changes for you subconsciously that will be obvious later.

LOL, of course, if you can do like I did and make the grief counselor cry!! It gives you a real sense of accomplishment.

Just kidding. My counselors father died a few months before my wife, and she had been seeing him too over the suicide of her youngest brother. So there was a lot of common ground that shows that the counselors have the same issues we do when they have a loss.

Keep going if you can afford it.
Mrazz, you will know when you don't need the counselor anymore. It just kind of creeps up on you and one day you realize you are strong again.

Just make sure you like the counselor, because if you don't, it will be a waste of time. You can ask for, or look for, someone else if you don't like that one.
I think I am going to space it out. It seemed like last time I went it was like, "what am I doing here". Like I didn't feel like she was helping. Maybe part of it was because I was at a better place mentally and physically then only a few weeks prior. I guess sometimes wishing for what you had, the life you use to live, or not worrying about anything is what I miss the most. The laughing at his jokes or just the simple cuddling....and laying there watching tv.

Missing that life and knowing that here I am 44 years old and having to start over. Think I will wait a little while longer and schedule an appointment.
Mrazz, I agree with what some others have said... give it another couple of sessions, maybe spread them out. You may have done all you can do right now, but grief isn't linear, so you may need to deal with some new/old stuff as it comes up. I'd also suggest you talk with the counselor about some goals if you haven't already, so you will have a better idea when you are feeling "done".

Blessings; I wish all of us had the availability of grief counselors, I think they are invaluable.





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