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I was thinking about when I was a kid and the simple pleasures I had with my 5 brothers and sisters. Now I am wondering about yours. One fun thing was building blanket tents in the living room. Did any of you do that? We lived in a house surrounded by grass land and wood land. We built tree house 30 or 40 feet in the air. How about you? What are you favorite memories of childhood?

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you wouldn't believe it.

Well flipper, give me a chance to decide if I believe it or not. I probably will, so tell me all about it, would ya?

exactly like that up there.^but also,the whole bicycles and jumping ramps thing.

I never jumped ramps but my friends and I used to do 'wheelies' and see how far we could get on one wheel. They all had beautiful new bikes. 10 speeds and such. Mine was from the goodwill and cost 2 dollars. Just 1 speed. Still, I rode it for miles and miles. 

Bike rides, heck even just taking a walk, tag, camp outs in the back yard, Sat. morning cartoons, visiting grandma and grandpa, playing in grandpa's blacksmith shop, a rare trip to the local DQ or McDonalds, snow forts and snowball fights, fireworks on the 4th, drive in movies 

good one teebubbadee! I forgot all about the snow forts and snowball fights. It used to snow a lot more in this area, now we only get a couple inches but it's still good for sliding down the hills on.

I grew up in Colorado michael and we had plenty of snow. We actually built an igloo one year. Not by cutting blocks of snow, but by building a huge igloo shape in the front yard, covering it with several layers of water so it had a nice hard ice shell, and then tunneling inside it and hollowing it out. I probably hadn't thought of that in 45 years.

those crazy car trips were always a blast.we had like the biggest dodge station wagon they made.

...trying to avoid my sister's easybake oven mud and bug pies...

...erector sets, lincoln logs, and mattel's vacuform machine...also had a huge normandy invasion army men set, with exploding pill boxes, halftracks, landing craft etc...made even more fun with strategically placed ladyfingers firecrackers  and cherry bombs...

sounds like we all had the same childhood.holy crap.

yea,those little green army men were always laying in the yard somewhere,melted into a pile of plastic.

I had those aurora h-o scale cars (slot cars).

I had slot cars too flipper. We even had a store in a local plaza that had a huge track set up. You brought in your car and controller, and paid X amount of money for X amount of time on the track.




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