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I work with a lady that will be celbrating her golden wedding anniversary next weekend. She has been so excited. She has a nice husband and succesful children and grandchilren. All children have steady jobs and great incomers. She got a call from her husband yesterday. . He said one of the children said lets go out to eat on our anniversay, wanna come. She was in tears. She has been so upset; This is a golden wedding anniverary, and one child wants to take them out for mexican. I say write them out of the will, what do you say? This is a very well to do family.

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I agree with Maria. My first thought was a surprise party. So I also would say, tell her to wait it out and see what happens.
Ask her how her family normally acts when there are things to celebrate?

Also remind her that this is her anniversary, and that doing something special and different with only her husband could be very romantic.

I don't believe in giving money to kids; all of it should go to not-for-profit organizations.
Wow! Some people have kids that don't pay any attention to them at all. To me, this sounds like yet another example of people taking offense when someone doesn't act the way they would act in that particular situation. If she wants a big celebration, why doesn't she just say so?
I just got in from the office and she says the children have told her that the timing is wrong. In her family it is tradition to have a big celebation with friends from the orginal wedding attending. She attended her sister;s a few years backs and talked about it for weeks.She is prone to depression, so I do not like this. I see her children once in a while and know how successful they are, I don't get it.
Do you know her kids well enough to call and ask if you can help with anything for the party

That might get someone to confide in you that there is a party, or that there isn't one.

Then you can help your friend by either suggesting she and her husband plan to go someplace special or your can soothe her along if it is supposed to be a surprise.
again, just getting in from work. I talked with her oldest child who is a teacher here in town, He says they just have not had the time to put anything together, as all the lives are so busy. I told him I was concerned about his Mother, he said he would look into it. I see a breakdown coming up. This lady has been a wonderful employee for over 5 years.




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