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Why do they call reducing carbon dioxide emissions "going green?" Basic biology teaches us that plants need carbon dioxide to live. Therefore, reducing our carbon dioxide emissions means fewer plants. That sounds like exactly the opposite of "going green" to me.

They're trying to prevent the "greenhouse" effect. Well, what grows in a greenhouse? Plants! Again, less greenhouse effect, fewer plants.

So, what do you call it when you tell people the exact opposite of the truth? Oh, yeah, it's called a lie.

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Again...why do you assume that you "annoy" me? Another example of you minimizing my opinion as irrelevant because I'm in some sort of emotional state. That is not the case. Jacquin, I respect your opinion and I encourage you to express it freely, without fear of mockery or spin. That's one of the things that makes this country the most beautiful place on Earth; freedom of speech. My hope is that someday you will respect my opinion as well, and allow me to express myself freely.
In my town we have the recycling bins at the transfer station, isn't that an interesting term, I still call it the dump, we separate paper, cardboard, but glass and plastic go in the same bin? other towns (near by) separate the plastic and glass and still other towns separate the glass clear, green and brown.
So is my town not as Green becasue they dont separate it all and the other towns greener, if this green thing is to really work shouldn't everyone in all towns be doing the same thing?
Well...I don't recycle anything...so, you're further ahead than I am...at least your town is trying to do the right thing...but, yeah, it would make sense to have a standard...
Green, What does it mean? Here in Ohio Our cold weather ends about June now. This year we only had one hot spell - about a week in August. Because of the cool weather and well spaced rains we had a bumper crop of sweet Corn this year. Going green they tell us will only slow down Global warming. We are already too late to stop it. Actually, IMHO, it probably won't make any difference if we go green or not. Once the earth gets out of kilter its like that rule, "once in motion it tends to stay in motion," except in this case, the process speeds up - no matter what we do.

In Toledo we are now charged more to recyle. If we don't recyle the cost doubles. Going green is just another way for our city to increase our taxes or fees.




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