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Yesterday, I spoke to a close friend and former colleague on the phone about her love life and my lack of one. She urged me to do speed dating just to snap out of my inertia and jumpstart my lack luster love life (non existent actually). I retorted rather sarcastically in so many words that I ain't that desperate. She urged me to give it a try since her other close friend who is around my age found the experience interesting and not as sordid as I envision it to be. Still I have difficulty picturing myself in the speed dating scenario even though I ought to get off my high horse and at least entertain the thought.

What the heck kind of questions would you ask some stranger who can only talk to you for seven minutes?....Here are a few that came to mind....some ridiculous

Is that your real hair?
Are you circumcised?
Do you roll up your socks in the drawer?
What's your favorite Sponge Bob character?
Is the shop closed for reproduction?
What label would someone give you as high school student?
If you had to name a kid, what would it be?
Have you ever looked at what is at the end of a rainbow?
What is your most embarrassing moment?
How would you complete this seed....  Once I was....now I am.....
What is the craziest user's name you ever created?
Would you eat a crayon if some kindergartner begged you too?
Are you a peach or walnut?

(wickedly)  Do you think I'm a nut?  LoL

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(Barbie muttering) I wonder what gender Boners is ?



and the story continues........

So, Maricel... this thread started over a year ago.... have you tried Speed Dating? If so, dish - how was it??


here's a few more questions...


-Which television program would you refuse to give up for a date with me? (if he/she says FOX News, it's probably not going to work out. Actually, if he'd give up a date w/me to watch a TV show, chances are not looking good for us).


-If people were thrown in jail for bad habits, what would you be thrown in jail for? (Might as well know early what these issues are)


-When something cool happens in a movie, are you one of those who clap, or one of those who smile condescendingly at the clappers? (oooh.... that's a good one; it could make or break it for me)



Nope, haven't tried it. I'm only 4, too young you know.  lol


I have tried online dating sites...not comfortable with that venue

especially since there are a lot of predators lurking around.


A sneaking question --- So, what do you do when no one is looking?

I think I'll open this question to the forum.

sneek a beer


"Tell me about your 10 year old self."

And, "what do you think of Michelle Bachman" [sp?]...

Dogs or hamsters?

Quinn, if we were matched up in Speed Dating, I would want to date you. And I don't even date women.

Hell, I don't even date. 

Oh! And once you told me about your day w/our President, in the last 2 minutes we had before the bell rang to move on, you'd have me, hook, line & sinker. '-)

To answer your question, she is more akin to hamsters than dogs.

Alien: I prefer 'em island girls..... (Now this chick is smokin')





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