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Still learning my way around here at TBD but liking it so far. As for friend requests, although I have sent a few out, I'm feeling rather jaded about the subject for now. I can already see that I do have a much better chance of them being approved here. Great! One more reason I would like to see TBD take off and grow...Just without the drama though. Not sure what the deal is with this but I have had more friend requests denied with one of the larger social sites...Especially with people that I actually know! Not sure as to why that is...Is just me or have any of you had the same experience?

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Most members here came 11 years ago when the original TBD site went down. Most members and groups are inactive. Some came when Eons went down. Some only come here once a year. I figure about 10% have passed away. Only way for a member to become your friend is to request and they in turn accept. I allow very few new members into this site to keep it safe.

i been here 8 years,and there are more people that passed away than you are aware of.

and if you let me in here,you'll pretty much let anyone in here.haha

The Dingo let you in.

oh yeah,i forgot .it was so long ago.

Friendships are the wonderful things to share and talk together,,,, greetings from Şile-İstanbul.




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