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As often happens, I find myself in the middle. there is currently a discussion going on about what is appropriate to post in the FORUM. This discussions is being carried on by many of my good friends. At this time it is still pretty civil. But I can see where there are probably some hurt feelings and it might esculate to a level that we as a group probably do not want to see. I have looked at the community guidelines and can not determine what the purpose of the FORUM might be.
Are there any guidelines for the forum? I can't find any posted.
The dictionary definition of Forum: A meeting or opportunity for exchanging views. That could mean that anything goes. If that is the correct interpretation, maybe a content warning should be posted. Kind of like the sex threads. I'm pretty liberal about most things, especially free speech, but I do think it is a good idea to let others know what area they might be wandering into. I've posted things that I am sure others would find offensive, but I hope that I have given warning about what might be contained.

What do you think about this subject?

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I know Jaylee . . . your cowboy is a lovely Cowboy indeed! He was not the Cowboy to whom I referred!

Not to nay say the "other" "cowboy" it's just that - well, it was really a HUGE /;-> ahem "naked" woman picture posted by said "Cowboy" and it was very pornographic.

*chuckle* watch the whole island list to one side as everyone dashes off to examine "Cowboy's" photo album - or search through the photo's on the main page for this photo! * /;->

I personally think "Photos" should be deleted from the main page, along with all new discussions concerning all of the sex threads. These are private matters and perhaps should not be the 1st impression we give to the world when people whom we have invited - or those who stumble upon us get about TBD. Those who are uploading photos are doing so into their own albums, and I suspect some don't even realize that their photos are making front page news because they have not set their "items" (e.g. photographs) to profile to private.
We do try to take the things you mentioned down quickly if we know about it. The Photo you mentioned I took down as soon as I was made aware of it. Due to the ning problems it reappeared and was removed again. A lot of what we do members don't see which is as it should be. Please when objectionable things pop up let one of us know.
Thanks Bull.

It's back. Cowboy's nude girl friend or whomever she is. Yikes! It's on page nine of Photos' (or so). I'm embarrassed that a picture of me and Cyndromeda is on the same page, and now have to change that photo to "friends only" when it's a picture I wished to share with everyone on my page.

Why can't "Photos" just be taken off the front (main ) page? If we visit someone's profile and their photos are open for viewing - cool. Surely this would prevent us from getting a eye full when we check the main page for updates or birthdays?

And why can't the sex groups be taken off the front page update too? That would solve the problem of inadvertently reading a portion of someones ever so special explicit sex day! Since Robin has a choice of what appears on the main page, can we not ask her to tweak it so that we are not embarrassed by others ?
Dazz I do try and catch it. I do try and take things off the front page when I see them. Again please let one of us know.
I've read some of the pages here but missed a few (damn, can't find that page message) but my take is post whatever and if you, as the reader, hits something you don't care for get out. But I would also agree, some Forum posting really do belong in a group. While I do post in many of the trivial groups, WSGA, TPAM etc., I also wish there were some more substantial topics.

I've reported a few posts to the moderators to deal with but they were blatantly commercial. To report an idea or a thought, never. I can click away and feel sorry for someone's debased view of the world.

Pru, love your hats.
Tina? The 10 Q&A discussions that you listed here, do you feel they were all directed at you?
I could have worded that question better. Should have been: all or some.
*crap....missed another good one.....*
Chuck, I think that's supposed to be dildo.
...perhaps we can outsource our moderators from India and replicate the AOL Action Team Approach:
violate a guideline and have your account suspended for 3 hrs to one day with notification. Usually
in the notification PM, there is a "cut and paste" of the incriminating post. I should know. I was
suspended a few times during the decade I was active on AOL.

I have absolutely nothing against the current guideline moderators, but imo, it is
hard to be impartial when they are actively participating in the exchanges
being moderated. The AOL moderators didn't last because there were too many
complaints against bias and they did get personal with some of the posters.

I would prefer an outside party moderate the community guidelines.

Also, since we are on the topic of guidelines, can you folks PLEASE
uncensor artistic nude photography and paintings. You've got some
talented people in our community. It is a shame that they have
to be careful of sharing their art.
Also, since we are on the topic of guidelines, can you folks PLEASE
uncensor artistic nude photography and paintings. You've got some
talented people in our community. It is a shame that they have
to be careful of sharing their art.

But who is to determine what is art - erotica or pornography? I might consider something pornography, but the poster might rail against me stating that it's just a lovely photo of his nude (and extremely well endowed ) girlfriend (who may or may not know that her picture has now become the property of the WWW !)
To a French man it might be art, to a Texan it might be a drunk naked girl.




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