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As often happens, I find myself in the middle. there is currently a discussion going on about what is appropriate to post in the FORUM. This discussions is being carried on by many of my good friends. At this time it is still pretty civil. But I can see where there are probably some hurt feelings and it might esculate to a level that we as a group probably do not want to see. I have looked at the community guidelines and can not determine what the purpose of the FORUM might be.
Are there any guidelines for the forum? I can't find any posted.
The dictionary definition of Forum: A meeting or opportunity for exchanging views. That could mean that anything goes. If that is the correct interpretation, maybe a content warning should be posted. Kind of like the sex threads. I'm pretty liberal about most things, especially free speech, but I do think it is a good idea to let others know what area they might be wandering into. I've posted things that I am sure others would find offensive, but I hope that I have given warning about what might be contained.

What do you think about this subject?

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Guidelines? Is that like wrinkles?
Them molehills are just hard on the haybine blades when cutting hay.
Please shut up. I'm trying to watch Dick Van Dyke. I can't hear it over the forum thing.
I find your hat offensive.

ning should be like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy.
Why does everything has to be about Pru's hat.

How to offend with a hat, I have that covered.
Now that's what I call a hat!! Kudos! xo
Has anybody else noticed that the site now seems to be working? Or is that just a personal delusion?
The hugs work!
Pru. Can you settle down? I'm trying to watch a commercial.

I can't even hear myself chew gum with all this breathing.
"TBD is a place for mean-spirited, angry, frustrated people who wish to roll around in foolishness, they would say, relax and have fun" copied from a comment by Tina. I might suggest a look in the mirror regarding some of your posts on this thread.
If you do not like it here then LEAVE! It's just that easy.
It's been hard to get through this thread...Ning problems still. But my take on this is that not everyone is happy...some are...and this is a problem because....?
Go ahead and moderate the hell out what I say....I'm vapid and superfluous enough that I might not care but maybe I am as serious as a heart attack and I might take issue with it. But this is a free site...There is no exchange of funds here for taking up the job of administrating or moderating...it's done because we care.
I do care when there is blatant disregard for common decency, manners and respect for the opinions of others. I have said I will defend your {sic} right to be wrong.
The porn should be where it's more appropriate...not on the front page. The day this site opened there was a horrendous avatar on the front page....it was soon taken away...that, in my opinion, is when an administrator is obliged to step up...not because of my complaint but that it was a judgment call on their part for the betterment of the whole.... group, gang...collective....borg...whathaveyou.
FYI...'that' cowboy wasn't "my" cowboy....:-D




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