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As often happens, I find myself in the middle. there is currently a discussion going on about what is appropriate to post in the FORUM. This discussions is being carried on by many of my good friends. At this time it is still pretty civil. But I can see where there are probably some hurt feelings and it might esculate to a level that we as a group probably do not want to see. I have looked at the community guidelines and can not determine what the purpose of the FORUM might be.
Are there any guidelines for the forum? I can't find any posted.
The dictionary definition of Forum: A meeting or opportunity for exchanging views. That could mean that anything goes. If that is the correct interpretation, maybe a content warning should be posted. Kind of like the sex threads. I'm pretty liberal about most things, especially free speech, but I do think it is a good idea to let others know what area they might be wandering into. I've posted things that I am sure others would find offensive, but I hope that I have given warning about what might be contained.

What do you think about this subject?

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Thanks Pru - it's not so much that I'm "satisfied" as much as I perceive certain areas to be difficult to monitor 24/7 to every one's satisfaction. I loathe the "porn" on the main page. I was just there, and a new discussion in the STG appeared that I could have done without seeing as I eat a late lunch! Cowboy's posting of a nude woman was beyond the realm of decency the other day, Granted it was to his personal album, but why can't people use the off button in their privacy settings when they add a new item to their profile that is clearly pornographic in nature?

We have guidelines about this, yet it's not enforced. I do feel strongly that if the main page can be adjusted so that one is not subjected to the truly distasteful whims of others then this should take place. I also think that the creators and moderators of certain groups should take their "job" seriously and carefully monitor their groups. They have a responsibility within their own groups to behave appropriately within the general guidelines of TBD Ning. Moderators who indulge in blatantly impolite behaviour should not be surprised when the members of that group also behave in like manner. Like begets like.

Who moderates the Forum? If it is a joint effort then my suggestion would be that if a thread is deemed to be offensive by the majority ( surely this is not difficult to do - just post a "yay or nay" thread in Forum about the thread in question) then either the offending material or the thread can be dealt with.
Many thanks for asking Pru. This discussion is about ALL of us, and how WE feel as a collective. We (the collective) should identify the problems in as logical and unemotional a manner as possible, and take a vote. Just a straightforward yay or nay.

So far, as can be determined from this discussion, we have issues about the format of the main page (Robin's job) and certain posts here in Forum. Each issue should be clearly identified and have its own survey.

Chuck is creator and moderator of his own Group - Q&A so any issues there should to be addressed with him.

If someone has an issue with another party that person should send them a PM. And concerning PM's - I find it interesting that those who seem to have the most issues with other members are the ones who have their pages set to private, precluding any PM's being sent to them.
Diana, I agree with you concerning the private profiles. Since I can block any individual member from sending me PM's why would I want to stop everyone from seeing that I'm a male from the US. How much information is included in your profile is your decision. But this discussion should be a separate one. Sorry to take up the time.
I need clarificatin on the front page. Is it "Main", "Q&A", "Forum" or something else?
Pru, I guess that I assumed that since the front page content changes that take place do not seem random, someone must be in control. But, that is just an assumption on my part.


Since I have no proof and accepted the idea on Faith, let's assume God is in control.
disreguard the post I made earlier about no one having absolute authority over the front page. Robin has since been identified as final authority. Even tho I did not like the idea of a "flag this as inappropriate" button and would never use it, I can see that it might have some use as long as you can identify the people who use it simply to cause trouble for someone else. Nothing about human communication is simple is it?
Good point Larry. I consider the "Main" page the front page since that is where I find myself when I go to tbd Ning. I personally think it is way to cluttered. Who decides what groups are displayed? Who decides what discussions and blogs and Q & A are referenced? Possibly the Threads that are displayed are assigned by chronological order. But it is obvious that the Members and Groups are not. I would bet that most new people don't even know what the titles at the top of the page mean until the try them.

I would suggest that the front page be redesigned and simplefied. Maybe divided into Moderated and unmoderated, free for all groups. Then i think each group should have an eplanation of the guidelines for that group. That way no one should complain that they "GASP" read or saw something that they didn't like. I don't know. I do know one thing. We will never be able to please everyone no matter what we do.
Pru, An interesting question. I'm still not sure what the difference is between Q & A and Forum. How is it decided which discussions go in Q & A? How is it decided what goes in Forum? They both consist of discusions. Since I know very little about computer programing I have no idea what it costs to add a page. Maybe the whole thing should be divided into moderate and unmoderated pages. I think that option is currently available on the blogs. I always chose to not moderate my blogs. I wasn't even sure what a blog was until I just now looked at the dictionary definition. That sent me to Weblog. That is defined as " A personal website on which someone regularly writes about their interests, experiences, etc". so now we go to "website". A location on the internet that maintains one or more webpages. "Webpage" a document that can be accessed via the internet. I could keep going, but my point is;

We are in a wild new frontier where many words are bandied about without common understanding of their meaning. Therefore, I think that their should be some explanation of what titles like Forum and Q & A mean as used on tbd.
Guess this should have been posted in KarenSme's Bored Thread. Which brings up the question; What is a "Thread"? You won't find a definition of a computer thread in my standard Oxford English Dictionary.
Pru, What does Obsolete Explosive Devices(OED) have to do with threads, or Ning for that matter? In the military we had a rule that you had to spell out a term before you reduced it to an acronym.
OK, Thanks MM. Now we know who to blame. Torches and pitchforks will be handed out over in the "Welcome Lounge" just after lunch.
Here's a sure-fire way to guarantee high readership to your discussion. Issue a warning that the content may be offensive to some.
In the Q & A while doing youtubes I will post a disclaimer if there is language or visuals that some would find offensive. What might be to some may not be to others, but at least the "others" are warned before they go any farther.
This reminds me of when The 2-live Crew released their album years ago.Parents were outraged that their children were able to buy the thing, so Tipper Gore had that "Explicit Language" sticker enacted and the album sold even more, but at least parents didn't have to actually monitor what their children were buying and listening to, the government did it for them.
Do WE really need others to monitor us that closely here, or do people still posses a modicum of common sense and logic? I don't have the answers, I will just watch and see what comes of this.




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