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Following the Crowd of Public Opinion...No! Stand Your Ground!

With everything that is going on in this world, we have become soooo polarized it is amazing we can even co-exist at all at work, family functions, parties, online without feeling like you have to take a stand, choose sides, and be on the right/wrong/left/right/middle of the road side....now that's all fine and good if you wanna speak your truth, but do you ever feel 'bullied' to speak/think a certain way at work/home/play/out with people and the discussion turn to topics you may not want to publicly take a stand on, or worse your family/friends/co worker bees find out you don't agree with them ? Gasp !  Bullies are everywhere and they'll try and get you to see their way and no other, so if you've run into that, how'd you handle the Public Opinion Bullies, Do not be Lemmings ! Stand your Ground !

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All the men will be wearing pink panties pretty soon.

Nothing wrong with Pink, its' what ya put in 'em lol !




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