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Not sure what happened to #1 but no matter.

Please finish this partial sentence and then begin a new thread with your original teaser.

TBD seems especially

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slow today.

Wonder what the
that snow is predicted for the tri-state.

Are your Christmas decorations
for your Thanksgiving feast?

Enough calories for
a Elephant.

Dinner tonight will be
8 pm this evening, if it doesn't rain.

The menu
is complete.

When will it stop

Thanks for starting it back up, Tab!
acting like winter.

According to the calendar

Thanks Red. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did/do.
it's still fall

but it sure doesn't
feel like it.

Who is the famous person who
proclaimed that global warming was a real threat.

Could his name
be Al Gore

What would you do if
all the salt water in the sea turned into drinkable water?

Where would




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