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Do you have favorite movies?  Which ones do you watch any chance you get?

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Whether I still have my NY accent depends on who you ask.  People here say I do, but my brother and my best friend swear I sound like a southerner.  I think some of it's still there, but I've been her 24 years, so I have picked up some things here too. 

kinda like "howdy yous guys"

I've never said yous   Even my brother who has a heavy ny accent doesn't say that.  Isn't that more NJ? 


You're a trip Tim.  :) 

I used to be Helen,i used to be.i don't talk like that,i talk regular.

As a rule.....I don't do gangster movies, prison movies, drug movies, or dopey romantic comedies. 

rules were made to be broken,j/k. I never saw any of the godfather movies,but I do like Goodfellas and A Bronx Tale.what I like most are comedies,It's a mad mad mad mad world is a favorite.i was never a big fan of slasher flicks.

Nah, me neither!  I love good comedies; I don't like the stupid ones. Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber and The Cable Guy......yuck!  I was a big fan of John Candy. I loved his Wagons East. 

saw this when I was a kid

I liked Robert Mitchum's "Thunder Road".

I just heard him mentioned a few minutes ago,but I forgot what for.isn't he the guy with the battery on his shoulder?




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