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What it means to you--resurrection, renewal, or...big chocolate bunnies.

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everything made new
through death and resurrection
Christos anesti!
rebirth of spirit
template for all disciples
a new age beckons
a new covenant
love transcends retribution
life's ultimate truth
pink marshmallow peeps
drying on mom's bedtable...
easter ritual
joining in the hunt
finding that one special egg
chocolate OD
Chocolate Bunnies
melted in colored tinfoil
Chocolate Bunnies

(I just like saying that...)
chocolate bunnies
the solid ones, no air please
chocolate bunnies
chocolate bunnies
is there something freudian?
chocolate bunnies

Sexy (Click Me)
chocolate bunnies
better when they multiply
chocolate bunnies
chocolate bunnies
I eat the ears and heads first
chocolate bunnies

(Freudian enough?)
it's Easter morning
no kids getting sugared up
only spirit lives
Three Druid Bunnies...
their ears aligned in triskel
from pagan easter




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