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Are we keeping the old tag line or creating a new one?

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I think the decision is your's. If you've grown tired of Thriving you can do something else and see how many buy into it.

I saw a polling feature somewhere or other. Why not dream up a couple of different tags and take a poll and see what others are up for?
It didn't thrive too well on the old site, but I'm kinda used to it.
It DOESN'T have to be this way!!!

We don't need to let TBD go. It has become a part of all of our lives. Why do we all have to move over to NING??

Read this:


Let us do our part in holding on to TBD! It has become "OUR" web site now. Let us nurture it.

It worked for Tribe...

It can work for TBD!

Pass this message along.
The new tag line seems to be "TBD on Ning".

My guess is that the "sharing experience to thrive(r)" was a trademark or some such and went along with the sale to whoever bought out the old TBD.

I think someone (with more artistic talent than me) should redo the logo so that it looks like an awning. Then "TBD on Ning" would be a clever pun.

Or at least some sort of pun.
Danny - has "TBD" (name/trademark goodwill etc.) been sold by Robin? If so to whom? I'm confused (so what else is new he mumbles ;)
I do not know the details, but since some parts of the site were sold (from what I heard), I would guess that all the trademarked stuff would go along with that sale. It wouldn't be worth the lawyer time needed to pick and choose.

But, once again, I am guessing.
The last I typed in TBD, it was obvious that the old site has been sold to a company, the nature of which I do not remember, but it was not a social networking company. I would think that the TBD name and all indicia would have gone with the sale.
Yes, I see this - it's TBD dot com - but not Tee Bee Dee (TM) so I'm thinking that perhaps Robin has keep the Tee Bee Dee (TM) . Well, it's just silly (and to my mind a tad rude ) not to ask Robin to be kind enough to clarify all this for us, if she is so inclined. So off I go to ask her!
Hi everyone, the trademark TeeBeeDee is the logo you see above, and I do not believe it was sold, so this site continuing to use those three circles keeps it active/alive. Sharing Experience to Thrive is something we talked about changing, but it never seemed high enough on our priority list. So my short answer is: the logo should stay, the tagline can go if the community wants it gone or something in its place.
Thank you Robin!
I vote we keep the Trademark and the Tagline.
I 2nd your vote Robbie. TeeBeeDee is a brilliant conception, and a great 'brand" - still, and when something is spot on and has made a name for itself, and we continue to "make the name" then it behooves us not to tamper with it, unless there is just cause and a solid game plan in the works.

The great late *David Ogilvy wrote: "You now have to decide what 'image' you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place".

We are both the "image" and the "product" of this brand. We make the name of TeeBeeDee - not the other way around.

* David Ogilvy was the founder of Ogilvy, Benson & Mather and author of the best book on advertising - ever, which is entitled "Confessions of an Advertising Man ".




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