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Does anyone want to come to Pru's birthday this year?

The City of Tomball in Texas has agreed to have a birthday party for her.  It will be a couple days late but will worth the wait.  They will have 5 bands, dancing in the street, biergarten, mulled wine, carnival rides, bungee-jumping, rock wall, petting zoo, pony ride, hayride, bounce house, and the Royal Bavarian Guard to keep the wabbit out of town.

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*I second that....*
I'll "third" it! :-)
I'll be there in spirit, Aggie! Happy birthday in advance to Pru!
Glad to see you back!
Well, I would like to come to Ms Farquar's festivities, but the thing is.....I don't have a thing to wear. Aw, I have clothes, of course, but they're not, well, Texas type clothes. I don't have any of those pointy toe boots. I don't have any ten gallon hat, or even a sombrero. Heck, I'd never be mistaken for one of those "Big hat, no cattle" dudes. I do have this big-a** belt buckle.....I got it as a promo item in a carton of cigarettes many, many years ago. I don't have a belt that would be worthy of such a buckle, though. And those cowboy shirts? Fuggedaboudid.....I'd have to wear an oxford cloth blue button down collar dealie.....either that or a Rolling Stones T shirt.

So, I'll have to pass. I hope Ms Farquar understands. I'll be thinking of her.
Just bring a tuba.
A tub a' what?

A tub a dee??? "big groan"
I can see I'd need a book on how ta speak Texan, eh, if I was gonna come to da party!
Wir haben vielleicht spät Geburtstagsparty. Deutsch Weihnachtsmarkt am 11. Dezember und 12. in Tomball, Texas. Tippen Sie auf Ihre Füße auf die Musik von Chris Rybak, Alpenfest Trio, Das Ist Lustig, Tubameisters, Valina, und gelangen in die festliche Stimmung mit den Klängen der Musikgruppen Weihnachten. Imbissstände werden traditionelle deutsche Speisen und Getränke, Glühwein, Bier, Christstollen gehören und Kaffee Kuchen, Bratwurst, Rotkohl, Sauerkraut, Apfelstrudel, usw.
Danke schön, Aggie.




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