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I heard on the radio this morning that it is against the law for a retail store (hair salons) to  charge differing prices or fees based upon gender.

Do you believe gender bias exists at hair salons?

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Common sense= women are supposed to have more hair, so they should charge more for a “Long Hair”.

Yes it does.  Some of them do specify that 'long hair' costs more.  I have no problem with that, but when the price for the same haircut is more for women than men...it is blatant discrimination.  My girlfriend has always kept her hair very short and she'll go in and ask for a man's cut.  They always insist on charging her more.

The place I go to doesn't discriminate.  I appreciate the quick service, reasonable price, and no appointment policy so I take every price break and tip well.  

I'm due for a cut right now~~~

I get my hair cut for 12 bucks. Women never come in OUR barber shop. He can cut my hair in about 10 minutes.

I'm sure they don't.....it's probably full of women-hating conservatives.

Sorry.......just couldn't help it.   LOL....

No... Again....

We make the women strip and do lap dances on the patrons laps.

How could this be that we hate women??


Where is this place?????

What happened to the ponytail?  And the flip?  And the Dutch boy/girl?  I'm sure more people in the last 100 years had them than had some of those extremely rad styles in the article.

Since my daughter's wedding I've stuck with a pixie cut and let it grow into a shag until it starts becoming an Emo and I can't see.  Then I start over again.

I don't know, I haven't been to the hair stylist in a couple years because I trim my own hair.




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