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A buddy of mine gave me a whole bunch of venison hotdogs, and some venison summer sausage too.  All was professionally prepared and frozen.


I haven't tried the summer sausage yet, but I've had the hotdogs several times now.  They have that peculiar "taste" that wild game has.  It takes some getting used too.  The texture is quite different too.


I don't know why, I but I tend to always finish off free food like that, even if I don't really like it. And meantime, store bought food will go unused, to the point sometimes, of having to throw it out.


I wonder why I do that?  

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Thats exactly what i was thinkin....if you throw it away there is a chance his cat may find it in the trash & bring it back to him anyway...best to eat the evidence.
I never seem to have any problems giving away the food that I cook. "Honey, can you fix the steaks with the Asian marinade tonight?" "Dad, can you make that chicken-&-asparagus stir fry?" "Dude? Can you bring that Pepper Dip stuff to the cookout?" "Faddah? Our food bowls are empty."
Oh, I thought you were talking about free samples at the supermarket. Never mind.

I eagerly await the summer fruits and vegetables that my friends grow and share with me, but I don't let other food go bad in the process :-)
Please stay out of your neighbor's garden Quinny. I don't want anything to happen to you.




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