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A buddy of mine gave me a whole bunch of venison hotdogs, and some venison summer sausage too.  All was professionally prepared and frozen.


I haven't tried the summer sausage yet, but I've had the hotdogs several times now.  They have that peculiar "taste" that wild game has.  It takes some getting used too.  The texture is quite different too.


I don't know why, I but I tend to always finish off free food like that, even if I don't really like it. And meantime, store bought food will go unused, to the point sometimes, of having to throw it out.


I wonder why I do that?  

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If I don't like it I won't eat it.......no matter if it is free.
Yea, Bob, I agree.
Bought some inspirational fiddle ferns, ramps(like small leeks) and two small morel mushrooms(@$$$$$per pound) for stir fry(apologies, Mr Young).
How was it? Hmmm, while waiting in the fridge, they cycled to overripe; I was just not able to try three new things at once. Next time, maybe I'll try some morels, hehe.

Oh, and awhile back, free rhubarb pie and chili venison may have met the same fate in that fridge.

I don't know, Gary, why do you think you let your own food go to waste?
I don't know either, that's why I threw this scenario out here. I was hoping someone more learned than I could answer it.

Never fear, the evening is young.
I put a lot of mustard on these dogs.
Never answer a question with another question (or a series of them), Dottie! LOL!
Stir, you partake because you know questions about eating the free food will arise? You want to please the giver? You think it's superior to any you've personally chosen?
When I receive free food that I don't like or anything free that I don't like for that matter, My altruism wells up inside of me and I become very charitable ... I give it to the needy. (mostly frozen fish) ....... Don't get me wrong I like fish, but when it's been taking up space in my garage freezer for a half a dozen years or so, don't you think it's a noble gesture to slip it into some guys shopping cart on main st.
Well, I live in a very small town, if I gifted it to someone less fortunate (or more appreciative, for that matter), it might get regifted two or three more times, and end up back with the guy who gave it to me!
Now we're getting somewhere!
Well Pru, Cool video, but...
#1, I have never even seen Ellen's meager meal cause I fly in the back of the bus.
#2 I fly Air Tran, and there aren't even peanuts. There is sone kind of "biscotti" cracker, that is so dry, I would rather try to digest a milk bone.
Snippies? Please define snippies. is that a cross between Snapple, which they don't have, and a sippy cup. (not to be confused with a D cup... or awesome boobs) Those flight attends never even say "Fly Me".
I think it's because you don't want to disrespect your buddy by throwing his gift out. You'd rather throw your own hard earned food out.




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