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I received the followin text yesterday: Do these pants make my butt look fat?

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I always wondered why those dogs shake so much.

Don't think too hard. Trust your gut feelings.

Sorry for the typo. I meant trust butt feelings.


I wasn't going to go to the gym tonight because of the cold weather.  I've changed my mind.

I noticed all the pics were of women.  But Men Step away from the Dad Jeans: 

The color is a light blue wash – some may say “stonewashed” if you even remember that phrase from the 80s. The style is high-waisted, sitting well above the hips, and veering dangerously close to a guy’s ribcage. Perhaps worst of all, Dad Jeans billow out around the waist, ostensibly in the name of “comfort” or a “relaxed” fit, though looking at them makes me feel anything but.

Dad Jeans are often seen in the wild worn in conjunction with mock turtlenecks, windbreakers, New Balance “walking” shoes (you know the kind – uber-white, with a sole so big it looks like a platform shoe), and a generally dismissive attitude towards fashion.

Steve Jobs wore Dad Jeans. So did Danny Tanner on Full House.


to answer the original question .....no but your butt makes the pants look fat....

No, but it makes your nose look big!




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