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They raised chickens and rabbits for Tysons or Pilgrim Pride for years as well as raising the cattle and just had a family garden.  Now about 1/4 of it has turned into wilderness (but not under Wildlife Management) with deer, wild hogs & wild turkeys with 1 Small fishing lake and two fishing ponds and a natural stream. My daughter-in-law raises goats now and makes goat cheese and sells the milk. Not much of the original cattle type ranch left. The older folks are too old now to run it and my son's two boys are not interested and my son works full time away from the ranch.  

I am happy, happy, happy! My son finally found two 16 oz. bottles of 70% alcohol at Walmart Monday for $1.89 each. Costco and everyone else was out of alcohol since April. I had called my local pharmacy last week and was told they'd have to charge $5.99 for an 8 oz bottle of 70%. 

Today my son went to Costco for me and brought alcohol swabs and a 30 roll bundle of Kirkland (Costco brand) toilet paper. Costco hasn't had this toilet paper since April and until COVID, it had become the only brand I use. I've used several brands, during COVID, some given to me by a senior program, some purchased including Charmin and Scott (which I don't like at all...but any port in a storm). This past Saturday not knowing when and if I'd be able to get Kirkland TP again, I got 12 rolls of Walgreens brand, as recommended by a friend. Not bad. I now have enough TP to last me for several months. Good thing because TP is like a security blanket...I just don't feel right if I don't have a good supply, especially since COVID. At least now if a neighbor needs to borrow TP, I'll have enough.

I agree, Diva, about the Scott tp, feels like sand paper and you're right, Kirkland is very good, Glad to know about Walgreens, I'll check theirs out next time Costco's out of the Kirkland. (Has this tp shortage been weird or what? What next...)

Yes Officer...it has been bizarre. Right after my son went and this is the isle that usually stocks the paper towels and TP along the entire wall. When we went together last month, again, Costco had no paper products at all.

In certain instances I actually have to wrap a softer tissue around the Scott to be able to use it. Still have 11 rolls because I kept trying to find something better. Charmin doesn't last long enough. Walgreens (look for Complete Home) is acceptable but I hope I'll never have to forgo Kirkland again. 

Try Lamb's Ear the Charmin of leaves.

Spent two hours on a Timeshare owners association Zoom meeting. After so many complaints, some warranted and more owners to hear from, I decided to leave the meeting and come here instead. Also, got laundry done today, so I'm glad I was able to do that.

Good Morning Everyone.  Hope you are all well today and that you are doing or going to do something interesting.  For me it will be the same old daily routine. Have a good day all whatever you do.

Absolutely nothing and it's wonderful.  Tomorrow I go to find out what they found on the mri of my ankle.  Hoping it only requires a brace, which I already have and it's helpint.

I hope you don't have to have the surgery. Good luck tomorrow. 

For the second Saturday in a row, I went with my son to viewings for his friends. Last week, it was a friend and fan of his who I found out several months ago was the daughter of one of my favorite new senior center friends. She had battled cancer for 4 years.

Today it was a childhood friend who grew up in our co-op community. My son said he didn't remember ever not playing with him. He was a big guy, mean looking and a sweetheart. He had gone to the hospital because he didn't feel well, texted someone at 6 a.m. and by 9:45 a.m., my son called me and told me he had died of a heart attack..at 49 years old. That was a month ago but his service was just today. We'd always stop and talk for a few minutes whenever we saw each other as he was going to his car and I was walking to the store or P.O. This one hurt me because it was such a shock. I feel so bad for my son. He has lost several friends this year. Of the ones I know, one was from COVID (she was also a neighbor), a couple more from heart attacks.

I had a busy week so I'm going to chill today, catch up with my social networking and watch some T.V.

So sorry to hear about that, Diva; wow, 49 years old, so sad.

Thank you Officer!




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