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You don't have to put up with the Olympics.

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I was in Daley Plaza today - the site of one of the "Olympic Bid Parties" after it was announced. It was really kind of funny. The people who had to hand out the "Chicago 2016" banners were still there at 11:30 - two hours after Chicago got voted out - and were still handing out the banners. And people were taking them. The news cameras were all there, so of course there were bunches of people trying to be on tv, and reporters interviewing them. It just happens to be on my way to the train station, and I was carrying a lot of bags, so I just kept walking. Amusing. I'm not surprised Chicago lost the bid, but I'm surprised that they were the first ones voted out.
If you don't make the 5 o'clock news at least once have you really ever existed?
I almost ran a news guy over on my way home a couple of weeks ago. He was coming out of the Channel 2 News door right across from Daley Plaza, and I was running late for my train. Does it count if I make the 5 o'clock news guy flat?
I just saw a news report where they analyze that the entire cost of Obama's trip, including taking all of their staff members, and all of the accomodations for this one trip alone cost the American tax payers an estimated $1,100,000!!!!!!!! One million, one hundred thousands??? and this country has a new double figure unemployment rate in a recession that has been consider to be over?? ok---I am a little piss right now!
I always take political mathmatics with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to explaining how something will be good for the economy. If these jokers in charge ran their own finances like they run the government finances, they'd be in a line backed up out the door in bankruptcy court.

That being said, we have a lot of things that need fixing in the United States, and I think we might be better served by focusing on those existing issues.
The big winners in Chicago, would have been land owners, developers, and kickbackateers, who have probably have been jockeying for position. To make multi-millions on properties to be developed in part on tax payers money .... with a wink wink and nod nod from some politicians........ Nah, I take that back ... That couldn't happen in Chicago. Could it ?
Nahhh, it didn't happen in Salt Lake City ;-)




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