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I received this video via email. I was going to ignore it when I saw it was 10 minutes long. I'm glad I watched it, twice.

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I didn't post this to bring race or politics into the discussion. I believe the Colonel has recognized our enemy and I agree with his views on how to handle them.
The person in the video is running for congress by it's nature and his speech it is political. There is no response,or rebuttal and I think it is just much more of the same extreme talk we have been hearing for a while. Just check out the FDI, and soida and Pamela Gellar a board member of both and a bloger along the lines of our own Nancy Morgan.
I didn't realize he was a politician Bull. I still like his thinking toward the enemy.
I think what Bull is trying to say Larry is that those with opposing points of view (to those of Colonel West ) and run for congress aren't being "political". I hope this clears everything up for you.
Doesn't Matter
I didn't say that, I just pointed out it is hard to have a non political discussion when the discussion is based on a political speech. Please don't put words in my mouth.
" Larry
The person in the video is running for congress by it's nature and his speech it is political. "

In all fairness to my misconstruing your intentions Bull, this one line would have made your point.
All right Larry, Now you have done it. You are going to force me to go off and do a bunch of research. I do first have a couple questions. 1. What exactly is Col. West proposing? I hear a lot of rhetoric about the enemy and I think he mentions some countries. He talks about being able to openly carry his bible into other countries. I think he is advocationg that we do not let citizens of countries that do not have religious freedom into our country. Or is he advocating us using millitary force to make them let us carry bibles around in their countries? 2. Do all practicing Muslems believe in using Shariah Law as the law of the land? I know that the Turks didn't use it. But, that may be changing. I've got to go off now and google Col. West.
Researching FDI and related groups is very confusing. Pam Gellar, Robert Spencer, BMW(not the car)and Base connect are good starts as is this.
Just gives background into who put this conference on. It was at the same time as and same location as CPAC in Washington.
I only want to make my opinion clear. I believe our most immediate enemy is the Islamic extremists. I'm way beyond caring what the rest of the world thinks of Americans. I'd love to see us send a very strong message to the enemy that we will also fight to the death, as they are taught to do. We all know this has been going on since Muhammad, almost 2,000 years. It will never end completely, there will always be new extremists wanting to kill those who don't believe like them. Let's put them into submission, even if only temporarily. I will never apologize for being an American. I will never apologize for being free or for being born in the land of opportunity. I love the western civilization.
" I believe our most immediate enemy is the Islamic extremists. I'm way beyond caring what the rest of the world thinks of Americans. "

You wouldn't make a very good democrat Larry.
Larry I don't necessarily disagree with you. I just like to know who is behind things, and I feel many use inflammatory rhetoric on both sides to raise money and that doesn't allow us to have worthwhile discussions.
Ok, I googled West. I admit that I have mixed feelings about him. I served with a lot of good soldiers who made very good decisions when we were in danger, but I did not want the same guys making the decision about what whether or not to fly the misson in the predicted weather. You guys and Lt. Col West Want to win this conflict between the extremist followers of Islam and the civilized world, So do I. I want to go back to a world where I had very little fear of traveling in most of the western world. I heard Lt. Col West railing that we should recognize the enemy and defeat them. But, I did not hear how he intends to do that. Larry, You agree with him. Did you hear a plan? What action are we going to take? What country are we going to attack?

"Doesn't Matter". Who are you? Your profile says Canadian Male and that's about it. What dog do you have in this fight? I would like to know a little more about who it is that is going to tell me how to solve my problem. I'm hearing a lot of volitile words from this group, but "NO" planned out, workable solutions.

Could we have a little more clarity here? Are we going to invade Sudi Arabia? Pakistan? Egypt? Come on guys, how are we going to do this?




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