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Can't these people admit to anything? Now they are blaming Romney.

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I'd blame Michelle for the demise of the Twinkie.  How dare she try to make our kids so healthy!  While I think Hostess products are loaded with nostalgia, they are sorely lacking in taste and nutritional value.  At my age, it would take a miracle and 8 mgs of insulin for me to get through one of those things.

Maybe it's a conspiracy.  Legalize pot to keep the Twinkie in demand!


Bimbo is now trying to buy the name. They will make them in Mexico with sugar that does not have to pay the 15% US sugar tariff with non-union labor and ship them back to USA.

Mexican sugar is good. American sugar will cause diabetes.

How can we have any businesses when we are a commie country?


Bimbo Bakeries, maker of the Mrs Bairds, Arnold and Stroehmann brands, is the No. 1 bread baker.

Haven't had one in ages....I blame that on Romney....:-)

At least they are letting Bush off the hook.

Hostess is based in Texas.

I remember stopping off at Hostess in Seattle to see my buddy.

I was able to catch a Twinkie going down the belt, still hot.


I guess all of us should have been beer truck drivers for job security.




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