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Calling SandraDee!!! Calling SandraDee!!! Where is she?

You get those pretty little feet back here right now!!!

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Good shout out! I hope it works.
Did the pirates get her?
Well, I text her about 10 minutes ago, nothing back yet.Her daughter has her cell sometimes so I hope it gets to her.
I hear ya.. I have been looking high and low for her. !!! Where are you, Sweety. You are starting to scare me.
wahhhhhhhhhhh :(
See SandraDee...You're making us all cry and boo hoo and everything!!! You know what that does to our noses....They get all swollen and red and this ickey gooey stuff comes out of them and it's soooo gross... Not only that, but think of the wrinkles you're causing all of us gorgeous women to get. Worry lines!!!! OMG!!! Come back before we all turn into wrinkly old hags!!!! Waaaaaah.... Waaaaah... sniff... sniff... Worry... Worry!!!!!
We all know Sandy. She has those pretty little feet around some SC guy and is spell bound. She will find her way back with a smile on her face. May find a reason to mosey on down Charleston way, see where those guys are hiding. You know there is a Navy Base down there and maybe her ship came in!!!!!!
OK who was over the top nasty to her? There could be a butt kickin' involved although she was not one to duck a smack down. I wonder if she had some over powering real life issues? But that doesn't mean delete yourself?

I want her back right now!!!
Profile gone====this is serious--ask Wendy Lynn for her number---
Anyone found Sandy yet? Maybe she found some HUNK down there and is off on a LOVE Week-End. That would be more FUN than TBD.
Should we send out a APB, ( All Points Bulletin) on Sandy? We miss you, please come back!
Just checked, no SandraDee1 page. Where oh where could she be? Do you think someone PISSED her off?




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