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BORE ME LIKE NO OTHER! And hurry up before I fall asleep...THE BORE GROUP

Seems like Cabin Fever or After Holiday Bore has struck! Let's lap it up while we are in it.

I say: Is Ya Bored? Let's bring it to a new level! SHARE YOUR BOREDOM (yawn... hurry up, already, KarenSme...) TELL ME JUST HOW BORED ARE YA?

I am watching the little clock on the right hand corner of my laptop, and half listening to the same news that started 1.5 hours ago. Nothing has changed, or I will alert you.


Share your little bored life! Let's begin! How many pencils in your house? What are you wearing? Did you eat dinner yet? Have you named your toes? Don't comment if you are NOT bored. We are the NEW BORE GROUP. (which I will start later...)

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I guess everybody got so bored they put their computers on auto listen and went in to watch tv. How can we compete with tv for boredom? I know. Lets all go over to Jay Lee 53's thread and post pictures of ourselves when we were younger. Pictures of other people can be boreing. I'll try to refrain from posting any personal pictures. I wouldn't want to excite any of the women.
Maybe some of the newbies do not yet understand the mesmerizing, stultifying ennui of total boredom.
I know, lets tell how much more exciting and better the old TBD was. That should get them in the mood.
Boring, huh> Well, lesse...nothing happened today. Kid was late to school, as usual. Couple phone calls. Yada, yada. Routine day.

I don't want to bore you, but there's nobody else around for me to bore.

There is practically no one left to bore, except you and me. 

But strangely, I wasn't bored to see your post on a thread that was so boring that it only got two reply's almost 4 years ago. 

Is that a sign of how bored I am? Guess I'll never know.(or maybe I already know)

You're right - the last response was almost four years ago. I've been going backwards in time looking at some of the ancient forum discussions. A lot of the folks are gone, deported, left of their own volition, or forgotten their password.

If I knew what I was doing I probably would be bored.

It's cool to bring up some of the old stuff, just to see if it will take hold. Probably not, but ya never know. I'm more boring now than I was 4 years ago.

Just in case anybody is interested, I'm still bored and boring. 

Technical/engineering schools such as MIT and Cal Poly pride themselves on their excellence in teaching mathematical skills. They only got in trouble once in a beginning calculus course in which there was a Friday night exam. It seems that many of the students thought they knew the material so well that they drank beer all afternoon before the exam. By the bad grades on their exams, they learned that alcohol and differential calculus don't mix.

By now, most everyone knows, you should never drink and derive

I'm so boring that you would fall asleep thinking about me and if you had a dream about me you would wake up from sheer boredom. 

I can sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall in hexadecimal.




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