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BORE ME LIKE NO OTHER! And hurry up before I fall asleep...THE BORE GROUP

Seems like Cabin Fever or After Holiday Bore has struck! Let's lap it up while we are in it.

I say: Is Ya Bored? Let's bring it to a new level! SHARE YOUR BOREDOM (yawn... hurry up, already, KarenSme...) TELL ME JUST HOW BORED ARE YA?

I am watching the little clock on the right hand corner of my laptop, and half listening to the same news that started 1.5 hours ago. Nothing has changed, or I will alert you.


Share your little bored life! Let's begin! How many pencils in your house? What are you wearing? Did you eat dinner yet? Have you named your toes? Don't comment if you are NOT bored. We are the NEW BORE GROUP. (which I will start later...)

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Oh Sme, you Sbore me.

I can't think of anything to say. You are so dull.
Oh, shut up. Where's the remote?

Are you going to pay this bill or how long is it gonna sit up here?
Where's my pudding-pops?

Your slippers are filthy.
I'll give you FILTHY. Just Bore Me, first. You seem to do it so well.
I was imagining what kevin does when he gets bored . . does he pace ? does he jog ? does he twist . does roll his eyes ? does he surf? Oh my oh my
My boring Kevin doesn't pace or job or squirm (not yet!), so he


WHO HERE HAS BETTER BOREDOM THAN KEVIN?? I'm writing it down and Santa is watching.
Yessss..... Santa is watching.
I'm so BORED that I'm watching my hair grow. Can't wait until it is cocktail time.

"Baby I'm Bored"

That's the new back window car sticker that replaces "Baby on Board."
No, Kevin, I AM NOT!

I'm counting on you to become a little more Wild.

You know what I'm talking about... (dream scene: Kevin remembers back to his slightly porno days... pasties... long johns... bismarks -- all donuts - all species...)

Yick, Kevin! Why take me there? Get a grip! Life is NOT all pastry.

Now, back to Dullsville. How is the bleak dark lifeless studio with the jail bars over the windows -to keep out crime...? Can you still see the ocean or did they take it away?

Please bore me like you promised. I bore you, don't I ? Aren't we boring together?
is this thread getting boring or more spicier ;-)
Who don't, Kevin? Wine is the Bore Cure.

Watching the eleven o’clock news can be very boring.
This young girl saved the family when her mom drove their car into a creek.
She found a branch to hang on while moving her siblings to shore.
Chanel six news was showing footage of a high school beauty pageant. (instead of mom driving in the creek footage)
Then the weather guy said it was going to be forty degrees tomorrow.
We went shopping next day in town and came out and we had about two inches of snow on the frozen ground and thirty one degrees..
We barely made it home.
Is this boring or silly?
Darroll 9 minutes ago:

Your reporting is wonderful: boring yet insightful; paraphrasing the news so we can save time and attention!

You went shopping and returned to snow and 31 degrees!
I feel a sense of excitement beginning here...





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