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BORE ME LIKE NO OTHER! And hurry up before I fall asleep...THE BORE GROUP

Seems like Cabin Fever or After Holiday Bore has struck! Let's lap it up while we are in it.

I say: Is Ya Bored? Let's bring it to a new level! SHARE YOUR BOREDOM (yawn... hurry up, already, KarenSme...) TELL ME JUST HOW BORED ARE YA?

I am watching the little clock on the right hand corner of my laptop, and half listening to the same news that started 1.5 hours ago. Nothing has changed, or I will alert you.


Share your little bored life! Let's begin! How many pencils in your house? What are you wearing? Did you eat dinner yet? Have you named your toes? Don't comment if you are NOT bored. We are the NEW BORE GROUP. (which I will start later...)

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Yep, I'm bored enough to read these posts.

I'm so bored I'm waiting for you to post something about lobster tail and boobs.

Sorry funes, outta lobster tail and boobs. but got you some small breasts and huge thighs. Pretty boring unless you're into that kinda thing..

I hate it when the prices aren't shown.

This is great!  It should be over in the delicious words post.  Especially the palate cleanser and the yoghurt (which I thought was a spelling only I remembered).

I'm so boring that when you see me your feet will go to sleep.

Thanks funes, but the peripheral neuropathy already does a pretty good job of that. (and arthritis in the C spine does the same thing for the hands)

Crap, I'm so bored I'm posting old man ailments. (don't get me started, I got a gazillion of them)

I don't always drink milk, but when I do I prefer a straw (and a camera never too far away).

I don't always drink beer, but when I do it is never more than one glass otherwise I'll get sick and vomit.

Damn funes, you ARE boring.




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