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We have had lots of Music threads with various themes. Motown, Country, Western, R&B and others.

This one is for music that stirs the blood. Like in the movie "Apocalypse Now" when the Choppers are coming in  or in Gladiator when they losse the dogs of war.

Doesn't have to be about War, just whatever gets you heart pumping.


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Like I said. No limits what ever stirs your blood.

This one stirs my blood. Some incredible vocals. Give it time, cause it's a long one. 


I first heard this in 1961. It still sends shivers up my spine. i think she had the greatest, most clear voice of any singer I have ever heard.

Nat King Cole's has the clearest, most velvety voice  I know of. He is TIMELESS.

For My Beloved Draughn and me...both Scots by heritage.

Is tùsa cèol mo chridhe, Draughn! Is tùsa M'Annsachd. Oidhche math, leis gach deagh dhuracd. Buin mo chridhe dhuit, oran a' ghaoth.


Uh huh, yeah, okay, I know....I totally agree, right......

Hahahaha, Bob. Pòg mo Albannach thòin!


I've always liked Enya and this one makes me want to move and smile and wonder.....

Good one, Bob!  I'm an Enya fan too.

George and I like this one by Enya:





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