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Plant food, build Harleys, target practice,......tennis anyone?

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...I thought all this was already covered in our bios on our home pages?
Hell, we stuff up there. This is for real.....;+)
Ah...Bicycling, poetry, & saving the world (us). I wish we were neighbors.
Yeah, I've wished that about us before, too, caseyjo. '-)
People watching
I like to make new words ..... Hasta la boonzati Craig ..........
Gonda jookla moko, Jack! Hey that's fun....fine hobby you got there!

I'm so busy at work, when I come home I just want to relax.  I do like to read and get together with girlfriends. 

Gardening flowers,fruit,vegetables,cooking,sewing and showing rabbits.
cows and kolaches

I like to jaw with the locals......I may have tipped off that factoid on here before.  Yep, I'm tight with my senior citizen homies.....I like to hear what people are thinking about.

I also like to hike around on the many trails we have here.....I like to ride the bicycle on short jaunts....I like doing heavy manual work, especially landscaping.  I usually buy ten yards of sand a year, and move it where it needs to go with my shovel and wheelbarrow.

I like to watch the boats go through the Soo Locks, but I have to do that alone....nobody I know can hang with me on that detail.  Its me time.

I like to read...I like to travel, but I also like being home.

I like being my age....I don't guess I like acting it, though.




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