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I want to believe, help me to believe,. I want to know, agree with me, and we shall know. This small world we live in,is not just paint with dreamless smiles...Do you dream, do you dare ...Believe and tell me your dream ?...kennedy

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I believe everything will turn out ok.
And the beiefe says justice for all..
I believe because otherwise I would still be way over somewhere else.
I picture what I want and then I go get it. I believe that is how it works, so it just works.

And that's the way it is. Trust me.
You're right, too. That's where I'm going.
Maybe the hot mustard in the sandwhich of deams
I have flown on the rails of higher expectation..To be in it's moments, is the wood that fuels the firer with in
I believe in justice too, But I'm hoping that it is tempered with mercy ....... Otherwise I'm screwed .........
I do not know who you friend is Sandra, but I BELIEVE this is a very wise person. Thanks for sharing!!!
Sandra, I like all of those. Thanks for sharing.




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