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I don't know how common they are any more, but I remember those picture booths that used to be around at every mall and grocery store in town. I even have some great shots that come with silly memories of being stuffed into one of those places with a couple of friends. Have you ever taken your picture in one of those booths? Who was it with? How long ago?

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Lynda, I don't think I have a boyfriend one either. One that I still have is with my best friend from down the street, and another is with my daughter. Something about those things just makes you feel silly.
I have used one of those booths, but don't remember if I ever had anyone in there with me. Over the years, I have developed an extreme desire not to be photographed. When the church asked for a photo for the church directory recently, I submitted a photo I already had on the computer, rather than submit to a phtograph being taken at church. In the photo, I was in a T-shirt, and hadn't shaved for days because my skin is so sensitive. Aren't I a rascal? LOL.
I remember those. I think my friends and I packed like 6 or 10 people into one once. Of course that was half a century ago when we were having fun and didn't know about PC or all the wonders the current crop of adolescents have to deal with.
I think packing onto a picture booth with you would beat being online any day, SG.

Yup...that's me...photo booth...thinking I was all that....!
That is awesome! I love it.
Agreed. It looks like you were "all that." Is this back in your Kansas days?

I don't think I ever had a picture taken in one of those booths.
Very nice, Jaylee!
You're a cutie Jaylee.
Damn JM you were the best looking girl I ever took to a prom.
Wow, that was a while ago! I was about 20 or so, my high-school-age sister met me on my lunch hour, and we just acted silly for that camera. I don't know what became of the pictures, though.




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