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I 've been around a while.  Learned to crawl, walk, run.  Ride a bike and roller skate.

I've had my share of boo-boos too.  Never broke a big bone but fractured my nose once and had a fractured rib....results of good fun gone awkward.

I've had stitches here and there from surgery but none  needed from slicing a bagel or chopping veggies...or playing mumblypeg.

So I was thinking...every scar has a story.  Can you recall how you got that one on your knee or the back of your arm...What were you doing?   Where you afraid to tell Mom?



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Cut my index finger on a tin can & passed out while Mom was putting a butterfly bandage on it....I really was losing lots of blood...Have never passed out at the sight of blood since then.

I broke my ankle climbing up a statue & jumping off, but I was in my 30's..not living at home.....

I have little scars on my knees from falling off skateboards & rollerskating down hills. Once going down a big hill there were some big cracks in the road & I could not slow down in time.  I caught a pole, but my hands slid away from it & I hit the curb on my tail-bone....Could barely walk for days.

I have other scars from bad parents & partner choices... collar bone broke 2 different times, most of the ribs broken on my right side, a small scar on my face & broken blood vessel in my eye.

Several scars on hands and arms, most all from barbed wire, one over my right eye from turning a tricycle over onto a glass top table at the tender age of four, another over my left eye from running head on into another guy while playing touch football, appendectomy scar.  There is another from barbed wire aquired when I was crawling through a five strand, tightly strung fence and let the wire slip off my thumb just as I was a-straddle of it. You have to know me really well to know exactly where that one is.      ;-)
Holy Cow!!! A gunshot wound?
I've got a scar across my nose, and another in one eyebrow from being attacked by a rooster when I was a toddler. (probably should have had stitches, but didn't) A pretty good size burn scar on my upper thigh from a fireworks accident. A scar on my thumb where I cut a tendon with a razor knife that slipped. (actually the scar from the surgery to repair the tendon is bigger) Another one on a finger when a knife I was sharpening slipped. (another one that should have been stitched but wasn't) The biggest scar is about 16 inches long on my abdomen from being cut 4 different times for hernia repairs. 

Small scar on my forehead--threw a sheet over my head and was playing ghost when I tripped on said sheet and landed on the pointed bed post.

Small scar on my palm near my thumb. My Cairn Terrier did not take it well when I tried to take his food away.

Small scar between thumb and index finger. Do not think that you can fit your big hand into a little glass, the glass WILL break.

Two inch scar on my shin from falling as I stepped onto a patch of ice on my back porch.

None of the above were stitched.

Quinn - you made me lol! "-D


Okay..... mine are all quite small & unnoticeable-

one on my knee- fell on the corner of a cement patio when I was a kid

one on top of one of my feet - bicycle accident when I was a kid

(I'm not sure those 2 even are discernable anymore)

one on my forehead - got bucked off a horse & landed headfirst on cement when I was about 12 yrs old

one on my wrist - little nail & pry bar slip when I was volunteering on a Habit for Humanity house


See....every one has a story to tell.

I had a physical last year.  The doc asked me what surgery I had on my neck....I didn't...ever.  Guess a wrinkle fell in just the odd space....sheesh.  

one on my forehead - got bucked off a horse & landed headfirst on cement when I was about 12 yrs old


That explains so much...


What? You thought I was going to let that pass?

grrr..... ;-p
Hehehehehe....too funny....:-D
JAYLEEE! Don't humor her! ;-p
I have a tiny little scar on my right hand from a really vicious game of "spoons".  Really.




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