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 It's way too soon to celebrate. Every legislator who voted for it is hoping and praying that he/she was right. I'm hoping and praying they were right too.


Only time will tell.

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Agreed Chez, absolutely! I believe we could have started a health care reform bill and kept it much simpler by concentrating on malpractice lawsuits. That would have been enough of a foundation to work on.
Aggie, there are definitely horror stories that came out of countries with socialized medicine. I can't document it, but I believe that organ transplants don't occur with socialized medicine with as much frequency as here in the U.S.
Considering our taxes pay their over-inflated salaries and provide for their nearly cost-free health care benefits (Not forgetting they're all a bunch of Corporate Pawns), it's high time something was done to effect some sort of direction in providing health care for those who can not afford it.
Definitely high time TSD. I hope this works for all of us, and I hope I can celebrate some day soon.
I was online last night during the vote. My wife was watching it on TV at the other end of the house. I could hear the celebration on the House Floor, it sounded like they had just won the homecoming game. Politics, of late, has been nothing but a game for the politicians and hardcore Republicans and Democrats. It put me in a foul mood. It's not a football game, the lives of 300 million of my countrymen are at stake. I'm without health insurance but I'm extremely fortunate to have the VA care for me at a low cost to me. We continued our health plan for Kittycat through COBRA at a 65% reduction from our government, again, very fortunate. How long will our good fortune last?

Our health care system was beyond broken and getting worse. Any bill that is passed, at it's onset, is nothing more than an idea that looks good on paper. I'm hoping with every ounce of my being that this works.

It's too early to celebrate.
Am I happy about it? Absolutely not. Enough said except that only time will tell.
You so eloquently and accurately described my feelings. Thanks so much Kathy!

I'm really not a pessimist either. I'm going to wait and see.
It was refreshing to learn the Congressmen and women will have to choose their coverage from the same pool as the rest of us. I realize they can better afford it but again a step.

1GL, who is to decide whom is drinking the kool aid, seems there may be plenty of both flavors.
Excellant point 1GL. Are we being controlled? As someone mentioned earlier, are we just puppets?
I have no problem with medical and insurance reform because I think that the situation has gotten way out of hand. Sadly, I don't think the bill addresses the root causes of what's driving medical costs through the roof. merely changing who pays the bills isn't going to greatly affect the upwarding spiral. I further have absolutely no confidance that the bill will actual reduce government spending. Have you ever seen a government program that did?

Worst case, what I think we will end up with is a two-tiered health care system. Currently, about 15% of doctors do not accept Medicare (and a higher percentage don't accept Medicaid). If the governmet actually tries to reduce the payment schedule (they already waffled out of these reductions the first several years), you are going to get all (or most) of the really good doctors opting out of the system, working only for those who pay cash or who can afford their own supplementary insurancve policy. The rest of us get the rest of the doctors.

Buyt it doesn't matter what i think. We're stuck with and we can only hope that miracles do occur and that these clowns got it right.
I'm a Fool!! Right on,Groovy!!Far Out,How Cool! Hey,look at it this way,now the "right" has one more thing to bitch about! It'll keep them busy and maybe now they can get some New Tea Bags!
And the sun still came up this morning,OMG!!
Atta girl! Let's keep the "win at all costs" game going. To hell with 300 million Americans, we must win the political "game". Sometimes the left wins and sometimes the right wins.




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