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I've had two people mention that comments have either disappeared or been 'deleted' from the posts that I have written lately.  I read one of them before it vanished and responded to it, but have gotten reports of others doing the same thing.

I have examined the posts from my perspective and see no way that I could have deleted these inadvertently, or even intentionally.  There are 'x's' only beside the comments I have made myself.

Is this a common problem here?  To those of you who have posted topics on this site before, is there something that I am doing that could be causing this? 

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Well this discussion certainly changed direction while I was at work.

Yeah, that'll happen around here, more often than not.

Which way did they go----which way did they go...

I can remember losing posts even in TBD-"1". I always figured it was cyberspace gremlins. Or people who knew more about what you could do with a computer.


More often than not?  

That sounds challenging.

You learn something new everyday.  I realized there were trolls, but never knew about the gremlins.

Oh yeah Slim. I'm not trying to scare you, but if you look real close, we've have not only trolls and gremlins, but we also have ghosties, poltergeists, dopplegangers, apparitions, spooks, banshees, specters, demons, spirits, phantoms, and wraiths. I think I've even seen a zombie or two.

Don't forget, Tee, we once even had an ad1.

He was my Bro'.....or so he stated.

They are disappearing!!!  I had two other comments in this thread http://teebeedee.ning.com/forum/topics/should-this-be-an-issue yesterday.

Who has the power to pull comments?

The only one that usually pulls comments are the person that starts the thread,(you in this case) and the person that posted the comment. Moderators can also pull them, but I doubt that is what happened.

I started this thread, but I don't see any way to delete comments...except for my own.  Can we really do that?

In this case, I did find out what happened, but as for the other threads, I'm still confused.




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