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I've had two people mention that comments have either disappeared or been 'deleted' from the posts that I have written lately.  I read one of them before it vanished and responded to it, but have gotten reports of others doing the same thing.

I have examined the posts from my perspective and see no way that I could have deleted these inadvertently, or even intentionally.  There are 'x's' only beside the comments I have made myself.

Is this a common problem here?  To those of you who have posted topics on this site before, is there something that I am doing that could be causing this? 

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Not sure Slim, but I doubt if it is something you are doing. Ning is known for minor glitches at times. 

Thank-you.  I am unfamiliar with the workings.  I'm hoping it is not something that I am doing without realizing it.

Hi, Slim. I think it's b/c the person/s who made the posts have deleted their profiles. When someone deletes their profile it also deletes all posts they've ever made, and threads & groups as well.


(Just heard from Larry! '-)

Hello d's girl (and Larry?).  These particular members are still here and some of their other comments are still visible. 

hahaha.... Larry is one of our members here. He & his wife "Kittycat". We just heard that they're making our "February in Florida TeeBubbaDee's Birthday Celebration Meetup". Teebs & I are quite happy about the news. '-)

In reference to your last response, I don't know what to make of posts from active members disappearing unless they deleted them themselves, or like Teebs wrote, maybe a Ning glitch.

Glitch, huh?  No technical support either.  I may just have to go into the workings with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver.  There's nothing a girl can't fix herself if she puts her mind to it.

You might need some duct tape too Slim. And I've found that when all else fails... use a bigger hammer!

Maybe a few choice words and a good swift kick.

hmmm.... you sound awfully like a couple of my girlfriends, Slim.

Your girlfriends must be very good people.

I just hate it when I do that!  :-[




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