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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
must begin with the same letter Posted Image

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obtuse oafs opining on obesity 

ponderous philistines plotting out punishments 

quarrelsome quartermasters quoting the queen

:^ )

roistering roustabouts ruining the rodeo

silly Sylvester spraying "suffering succotash!"

tumultuous tumblers turning in tandem

ubiquitous unpretentious umiaqs


Valorous vets in victory

(Umiaqs are open skin boats used by Inuit women and children. ツ )

Women washing witch-hazel with water

X number of xenophobes exiting with exigency

Yeomen yodeling in Yverdon-les-Bains 

a zillion zebras in Zambia




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