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Furry or feathered or scaly children...most of us have had one or many. I find it hard to live without them. How about you?

This is dear Miss Itty Bitty Kitty.

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I posted this one in "First Haiku," but I had to place her here, too. '-)

"Hi, Cu," each morning
Not Japanese, nor poem
She's a lovely dog
dearest Booty boy
your love, courage, joy, and strength
puts humans to shame

sweet four-legged son
conquering adversity
adapting to change

always hard at work
caring for those in your charge
smart and resilient

ever in the tao
celebrating each moment
tender and funny

the winding road forks
and you must trot on ahead
to new adventures

your eyes bright as stars
your gait surer with each step
through heaven's pastures

so prepare the way
high spirits and loving heart
we will be home soon
Jet black and chestnut
Handsome, loyal, Shep-bear
So noble this one

in her nurses cap

little bit o' kitty cat

remains on duty

her bright eyes gone dark
brave itty reassures me
"it's okay, mommy"

cleaving to my love
she stays within whisker's reach
purring soft and low

"mommy i adore,
i place my fate in your hands
knowing you'll be kind

whatever's to come
we'll be together through it
and that's what matters"

i caress her face,
smiling, happy she can't see
the tears in my eyes

always your baby

just taking care of business

stalwart, loyal nurse

mommy calls her "bits"

daddy called her "miss itty"

i call her pure love

sweet barometer

I delve deep to find sunshine

to fill her darkness

dearest companion
tickling mommy so lightly
just to make her laugh

tender paws-n-paws
touching mommy's face gently
filled with sweetest love

always by my side
chasing loneliness away
like a pesky mouse

where have you gone, puss?
i listen for your singing...
there's only silence

your toys wait for you
the squirrel peers in through the door
missing his playmate

gone to brighter fields
trees to climb, birds to tease, and
old friends come to play

sleek muscles, sharp eyes
heaven's gift of boundless youth...
but something's missing

in fading gold light
you turn with joy to your task...
watching over me


Thank you Dearest Itty for every single moment of love.

Sleep well, sweet daughter. Mommy will see you in the morning.


huge waggish landseer
just a puppy in his head
happy ton of love

sophie's a beauty!
mommy's steadfast guardian
making grey skies blue

love and "snausages" 

to hasten Sophie's healing...

kisses and a hug




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