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A spokeman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has confirmed that an American brought a twelver of Molsons and some cheap cigars to the raucous party that ensued after the Canadian Women beat Team USA for the gold medal in haw-key.


No other arrests are anticipated.



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Americans have always been know for their ability to gift snow to the Eskimos - or in our instance, the Inuit. Now if they had had the good sense to bring some PBR - you know , something a little different and some cheap American cigarettes (considering a pack of cigs. in Canada costs more than $10.00 these days -how do you think we pay for our heath care eh?) they might have got laid. Instead - there was much egg laying and arrests were maid (oops made) for bad taste !
It's the current trend back towards the Victorian Age.
Well, Mr Stretchy thought he could get unlimited Viagra for free once he got into Canada. Does anybody know a good lawyer that could represent Mr Stretchy?

As for the girls displeasing the IOC.....maybe the IOC could use the Viagra to go have sex with themselves! LOL!

This was truly a laugh out loud moment. I'll be a character witness for Mr. Stretchy as my limited touch with reality makes lying easy.

Good to see you!!!!!!!!!

Hi Tee!  Howareya?

I'm fine as fur on a frog Stir. Hows about you?

I'm like a dead horse, Tee......I can't kick!

Thanks, SG......he needs more characters to witness for him!

I dunno.....from what I saw he might be better off with no witnesses at all.

I see Mr. Stretchy is alive and well. Did he ever get his unlimited free Viagra while in Canada?

Speaking of whoop-ass hockey, your Juniors sure showed our boys on the ice yesterday in the World's. We've been crying in our Molsons up here, ever since.

Hi B A F, Long time no see!!!!!!




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