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TBD now has 2,408 profiles at the time of this posting. So how about it---can we have all 2,408 people say hello to everybody on this thread??? Give us your first names. And maybe just for an added kicker--when was the last time you hug someone?

So hello all 2,407 of you people besides me! My name is Tom---(I know--first time you ever heard of anyone with that name--right?) I just finish hugging 3 of my 8 cats. The other 5 cats feel they must continue thier lifetime protest against me.

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Speaking of things Texas.
CLICK HERE FOR PIMPNPROFILE.COM GRAPHICSSorry, I couldn't help my silly self, my apologies to you Aggie, and please don't tell Pru I posted this.
That must be a mountain heifer. My cows would offer you their horn for toilet paper. Pru the cow below once picked me up a couple feet with her horns.

Howdy, My name is Randy. I am the Aggie without a K. My last physical hug was from Pru on Dec. 9th.

Aggie hug!
Good. We like having you here, Wendy. You do realize that there is no cure for TBD? TBDitis is a terminal condition. There is no escape from TBD. No wonder the intervention didn't work.

You stayed away for four days??? How on earth did you accomplish this unheard-of miracle?
My Sweetie is an RN too, She works 12 hour night shifts. I wish any, and all, nurses the best of holidays because I know they sacrifice themselves to take care of people in need. You all have my greatest respect!!
Merry Chhristmas to all the nurses out there. Over worked and underpaid. You are appreciated.
Well best late than never! 'Ello from - well, my real name plus a tad extra! Hugged lots of people yesterday (Christmas Day ) and send you a big hug too Tom !!! (Quiet right ~ most unusual name, what ever were your parents thinking!?!) /;D
I know DZ---How did I survive for so long with such a unique, unique name--huh?

By the way--in case nobody is paying attention--(And I know u are not!) the counter went down to 2,406 last week-and now it is back to 2,409 today. which mean thatTBD got a Christmas gift of 3 brand new members filing out profiles over the Christmas Holiday. So who are u--and are you huggable?? C'mon---get your TBD career off to a good start here--and at least let us know who u are!
It is now at 2,411--and nobody is saying hello? Why?? Why??
How do you delete this discussion?




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