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TBD now has 2,408 profiles at the time of this posting. So how about it---can we have all 2,408 people say hello to everybody on this thread??? Give us your first names. And maybe just for an added kicker--when was the last time you hug someone?

So hello all 2,407 of you people besides me! My name is Tom---(I know--first time you ever heard of anyone with that name--right?) I just finish hugging 3 of my 8 cats. The other 5 cats feel they must continue thier lifetime protest against me.

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Hey MM--I know u hugged someboddy recently---Haven't u?
Hello Tom. Merry Christmas. I'll be getting hugs as soon as the little Mrs. gets up.
Hi ya Aggie---I just wanna hug your hair!!!

By the way---don't just say hi to me--Say hello to all 2,407 of the other folks who are apparently on TBD===I am sure some of this would like some acknowledgement of an existance!
Not until they say hello to me first, that's just the way I roll. lol
Ok- everyone--Say hello to Larry, so that we can get him rolling here!
Hi Lar.
Top o the morning to you too Aggie. Only 2405 more before I say another word.
Hello Larry, Heart, MM, AggieK, Trr.

I pity the 2408th responder.

Hugged the misses yesterday.
Hello all, good to have you here.

I hugged my son last night before he went to bed, at 13 that will last him until tonight.
Hello all 2,406 members. I'm factoring out Larry, who per his wishes, received his own special hello above, and myself. I talk to myself enough as it is.

I don't recall the last 3-D hug I had.....I hope it wasn't one of those "man hugs". Mostly, those things creep me out.

Now as to cyber-hugs, those things are flying around like bats coming out of the belfry! I get them every day. I don't know, its seems something like receiving a Hollywood "air kiss".....not much substance to it.

Wouldn't it be nice if the "cyber-french kiss" was utilized a little more, so we could better gauge the intent of the donor.
Morning all. Hello! My name is Kate, and I just got done giving my daughter a big hug when she got out of bed to get ready for her Christmas party at school today.
Hello to all, wishing everyone a happy healty Holiday and a great New Year.
here we are starting the 2nd decade of the 21st century.....
Holy crap where did the past 10 years go?????




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