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....another silly game.  A & Q    (answers and questions)
Give an answer and the next person has to generate a question for that answer
then give another answer for someone else to respond to.


How does my bra feel at the moment?

a grope
What did Pru get last month?


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What is hanging on your bedpost?

You better hurry its ticking!

What does my wife use to keep me in line?

garbage disposal
What is the first thing I enjoy in the house after company leaves?

movie channel
What would i watch for entertainment if there were no TBD?

Craw dads
What do you call a male who knocks up a female craw?

What do you rename horse manure when you offer it for sale on Craigslist?

potato latkes
Your little Mrs. giving you a second chance to get the sex right.

Foul shot
How do you kill a wild turkey

nick knacs
What my wife has way too many of.

the internet.
What is a type of surfactant typically used to keep a mixtures of immiscible fluids well dispersed.

Yeas, I google cheated!!

Awsome boobs
What do you call the Olson Twins?





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