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`A Kiss is Just a Kiss, A Sigh is Just a Sigh - As Time Goes By'

With thanks to TBD member Thee Slayer Dug for contributing this `blast from the past' picture!

Remember `KIZZ'?

And since New Year's Eve 2010 is just around the corner,
I was thinking it would be fun to take a look at some memorable midnight kisses!

You know, those kisses that made the earth move,
while sky rockets exploded in mid-air....so they say in the movies.

While we can start with some NYE kisses, we can also have
all different types of kisses - for different moods or occassions,
So let's have some fun! (Please add yours too!)

Tags: Anniversary, Annual, Celebration, Lovers, Rememberance, Romance

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Hi there funesthememorious, and what an incredible picture you share with us,
he is a very big boy, I think he is a St. Bernard, and they are such gentle giants
arn't they? I hope you may get another big kiss for this New Year's Eve 2010 as well, thanks.
Hello there...you might guess that I like dogs.

For funesthememorious,
Heyyyyyyyy....looks like you have sent the `long' and the `short' of it all....
You have a great night tonight and thanks for joining in a little fun here,
and that is part of your name, lol!

Ahhh...can't you just feel the love?!!!!?

Oh yeah, they are both battling to keep their hands off of each other,
(I'm just extremely jealous, lol!)
"You wanted the best and you got the best..."

"Ohhhh" - if only I had had that picture in my possession,
I would have used that in my intro.....A W E S U M ...thank you Thee Slayer Dug
Yes, that is a mimosa. So what? Happy New Year!!!

And the same is wished for you both - HAPPEEEEEE NEW YEAR 2010 !!!




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