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  Yesterday was beautiful in Pierce county Washington. Sunshine and temps in the 70's. I wandered through the park for hours and went for lunch at a local local eatery then back out to continue my aimless wandering. Took pictures all over town and had a great day. Went to bed feeling happy. 

   Now here's the thing. I woke up this morning feeling like someone had beat the hell out of me!

Does that mean I'm old?

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I know Joella but it didn't feel like exercise. I wasn't jogging, I was just walking around.


Only if you say so.

Michael, if you aren't accustomed to exercise lately, even if you were having a great time on Sunday, you could still be stiff and sore the next day.  

It's Thursday now and cloudy and cool in the Puget Sound region.

Are you feeling better yet or are you reacting to the change in the weather?  I hate to tell you this, but yes, you are getting older, but no, that doesn't mean that you are OLD!

You are only old if you give up and don't even try any more.

I just came back from a funeral of a friend I was with at Lake Chelan last fall.  She had cancer and died but she never got old even though she outlived two husbands and was retired from her job.  She travelled and played and laughed as much as she could.  Her friends and relatives think of her as being on a reconnaissance mission for our next big adventure.  Potato chips and chocolate kisses were on all the tables at the reception along with lots of other great "real" food.  We had a great time remembering Sue.

Sometimes I think the weather, or a change in the weather or barometric pressure makes me achy.  Glad your day before was enjoyable!




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