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After watching Steven Goth's video about his reaction to the news and thinking about recent conversations with friends. I started wondering, "How many of us have stopped watching TV? Or at least TV News?

So I thought I would run a little poll and discussion.


First answer the poll:


1. Do you watch TV at home. YES?  NO:


2. Do you watch TV news at home? Yes:    NO: 


3. Do you regularly watch TV at other places? YES:   NO:


4. Do you regularly read News Papers?  YES:     NO:



My RV has two TV sets. I have had them tuned to cable in a campground one time in the last year. I do watch DVD's. I sometimes see TV news while at the gym. It is always tuned to either FOX news Or CNN. When I do see it it aways reinforces my efforts to avoid TV News.


I frequently read news papers in coffee shops. But not regularly.

I get most of my news off MSN.COM. which means that I may have a really skewed view of the world.


I think the phrase "If it bleeds, it leads" applies to most news sources.

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1. No
2. No
3. No
4. No
I have only watched one evening news program in the last two years. It seemed so staged. I do try to catch the local broadcasts in the morning sometimes. I get most if any of my news from the radio on my drive to and from work. I don't watch much television these days except for the football games and maybe a random Seinfeld episode or two.
Occasionally the local paper. That used to be a big part of my lunch break but I canceled it to cut expenses.
"I wonder what newspapers will be called when they finally stop putting them on paper?"

internet papers, maybe?
I agree with here, Maria. Very good points.
1. Mostly No
2. No
3. No
4. No

I get news from the Radio Free Maine, democracynow, and ACLU websites. Also listen to a lot of angry and disgruntled people.

The Vassar College radio station ( a local station ) has an environmental news hour and a Native American Indian spiritual hour I try to tune into.
Football, eleven o’clock news, Fox news at noon, myth busters, science channel.

I don't read the newspaper.
Call me a wonk
I only watch the evening news, 24 hour news networks drives me batty. When all the factual news has been reported, the rest of their report is always speculation. Did I mention it drives me batty?




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