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At 8:30pm on August 6, 2009, Dazzling Zoomer Gal Diana said…
Augh! Three attempts to reply this evening - to no avail. Glitch in ning of some sort. I shall retreat. Have saved said missive - and will try anon.

In the mean time - your timing was divinely inspired. Thank you so much. More than you know.
At 10:17pm on July 24, 2009, Greg Wilson said…
Hey city girl! Glad you came over and glad you said hi. Now where did we leave off? I can't get your website to wok.
At 9:48pm on July 22, 2009, Ubu said…
Keep working that boggle angle with Felicia. She'll eventually give in. ;-)
At 2:58pm on July 17, 2009, kainsworth said…
Hello gorgeous. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
At 8:50am on July 15, 2009, Brian said…
New features? No plastic surgery yet. Yeah, I saw that note that I had been 'featured'. I have no idea what that means and there didn't seem to be a link. Perhaps I wasn't present at my own 15 minutes of fame?
At 9:37pm on July 13, 2009, Brian said…
Oh good - you posted your website. I always wanted you to put some of your paintings on the TBD gallery!
At 9:36pm on July 13, 2009, Brian said…
How does Ning work, as a verb? Elementary, really:
I ning
You nang
He/she/it nent
We ning
You (plural) nangs
They nent
Past tense: nong
That's about it, plus: to have nunteth, to have been nung, past plu-pervert participle: nert
…Bob's yer uncle.



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