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On Burying Friends and Ideals

I am out of tears. I spent Saturday, like much of the rest of the nation, attending as best I could, senator Edward Kennedy's funeral service. It was a beautiful and moving service, and though I thought I'd watch for while and then go do other things, I spent the entire day saying goodbye to the senator and musing on his life and the direction the country has taken over the years.

We knew this death was coming, but yet I found it was amazingly instructive in so many ways. The number… Continue

Added by Vernon Windsor on August 31, 2009 at 11:30am — 3 Comments

The Lion and the Princess

I learned this morning of the death of Ted Kennedy. He was 77 years old. That’s not very old from my perspective, but we don’t ever know how much time we‘ll have here. As long as I can remember, Kennedy was a senator. One tied to a storied Irish Catholic family in the Northeast. One whose name kept appearing and reappearing on legislation that urged America to live up to its promise.

There is much that will be made in the coming days of his legislative contributions, his family, his… Continue

Added by Vernon Windsor on August 26, 2009 at 1:06pm — 8 Comments

The End of White Guilt — A Response

On July 28 of this year, Nancy Morgan, a new friend on TBD, posted a blog entry entitled, “The End Of White Guilt”. I read it with interest, and re-read it with still more interest, and promptly asked Nancy to join my group “Race in America.” I was hoping to have a discussion about some of the issues she raised in her post. So far, Ms. Morgan has declined to join us. I do think that her post is illustrative of the… Continue

Added by Vernon Windsor on August 24, 2009 at 2:30pm — 7 Comments



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