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Where did you go when first came to TBD? My first place funny enough was the Original Welcome Lounge. I spent about 2/3 months chatting and getting my feet wet, then I kind of popped all over.

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That would be "SweetPea" for you my dear. :-) I know I haven't seen you much, but I do "lurk" you. With so many people and groups/discussions being back in a centralized place I hope to get out more. You do throw some very good parties, I still have a spare key to one of the old joints..
I joined TBD1 in November 2008. Have made some great online friends and have moved some of those to face-face friends. Each group I have participated in (a lot or a little) I have enjoyed tremendously!

With TBD2 I have missed The Welcome Lounge and thank you for creating it again! Good Luck to you and your fellow moderators :-)
I joined TBDv1 in July '07 after reading an article in NewsWeek about Robin. I was very intrigued w/the internet and my DD kept saying there was so much 'out there'. Well, TBD was my first venture and I can't seem to shake it.
The "bar" in the the lounge was my first stop...Whozoo bought me a drink and I ended up in a side room with a guy name Chuck who had a sweet smile...just kidding, but that's where my mind went!
I ventured into STG for a while...that was fun for a bit. After that I flitted from various places...DG, MMG, Front page and Lurkers ...(favorite place for lots of reasons...), Flurkers, Hugs and the word games.
Most of all I just loved the continual reparte that went on for months and months. I was never bored...always entertained and genuinely touched by everyone I came across..for better or worse. Hey..I'm not married to any of you but it sometimes felt like this was my family...You know, you can't pick your family like you can your friends...and so on...
Sorry you 'popped' JLee...I missed that thread....;-D




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