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Hello and Welcome to THE GATHERING PLACE LOUNGE. We hope this place will become your home away from home. We want you to relax, stop into the Morning Fix for coffee, stop by on the weekend and party with us and enjoy yourself with new and old friends. We will listen and care about you and never, ever judge nor will disrespect from others be accepted, that kind of behavior is not allowed. We are about fellowship, friendship and lots of fun. Also make sure you stop by The Daily Grind, and Moosie’s Crossing down the way and say HEY. REMEMBER THE WELCOME MAT IS ALWAYS OUT AND THE SIGN ON OUR DOOR SAYS WELCOME HOME.

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Mary, Richard posted to the Labor Day thread, you'll see what he was referring to, earlier!
It is........Lynn I will go over and read, how about you have you posted yours yet?
yes. once it got to 2nd page -- LK's is there, and others -- the thread is picking up. i think maybe we all spent some time polishing the early drafts, and waiting to see -- you were brave to go first, and yours is great!
Thank you my friend, I don't know about being brave tho...lol..I do know I don't like seeing my name always up......so I'm trying to figure out should or should I not answer......I would hate it anyone thought I was just the only one to be talking.....:)
Yes it feels so much like home to me..:)...and that was Ladyg goal....:) Lk
NOT that the new Invisibles group is bad, it is good too, just a tad different
take on things. They say change is good......I think whoever "they" may be
could be right..in somethings......anyway.
:) I've read some of them earlier, when I first got home.....:) including LK and Cuppa Joe and Marti and Coral........:)
yes, i was out for awhile too, and had seen those -- nice that you responded to Richard!
Mary, I'm winding down. have a few emails to write and a few more places i want to check, but i'm hoping to turn in early tonite. see you sometime tomorrow!
I responded to yours as well...and will respond to every ones bit by bit...:)
Wondering if LK has left........
Oh wow man, where do the aliens sit.
hope no one minds my scrubby clothes and 5 day beard?
snnt, snnt.
whats that smell?




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